Review of Sanity by Neovictorian

Sanity by Neovictorian is a neat little conspiratorial book featuring a main premise which I can’t tell without spoiling the whole thing. The protagonist of the story, Cal Adler, is a rough and tumble mercenary letting us follow along with his exploits revealing the actions of a secret society that recruited him in high school before finally calling him into service many years later at the end of the story. In the meanwhile from the story’s beginning to its end, Cal plays a suave whiskey and martini drinking womanizer with a practiced familiarity around guns and knives. The story lets the reader feel what it’s like inside the head of a modern hero, who stops a shooting at the beginning of the story before revealing his background telling how he came to the attention of a powerful billionaire’s wife and daughter.

The prose is written in a lucid stream of consciousness style. There are more than a few intentional (and well-written) run on sentences that give the story a feeling like its constantly rushing ahead and like you’re barely hanging on. The thoughts and feelings of Cal Adler – let’s be honest, they’re mostly thoughts – are honed and trained to focus on the detatils making the reader feel like they’re in a spy novel. Less Bourne and more Bond, Cal is known to use force to accomplish his ends and his thoughtstream is a revealing and insightful masquerade for living out a modern hero persona.

At approximately 250 pages the story feels like a fast read. I wish there had been more focus on the bacground details of the secret society that fleshes out the story. The last quarter of the story focuses on a ploy that, I can’t give away spoilers, left me desiring a better resolution to the conspiratorial antics alluded to in the beginning of the story, but that’s not to say it isn’t realistic. If you’ve ever been a part of a secret society you would know. Overall I would recommend it to readers looking for a light read in the vein of James Bond and Dan Brown. Conspiracy-lite and clearly redpilled. 4 of 5 stars.


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